The Directors' Take Podcast

Co-hosted with Marcus Anthony Thomas, The Directors' Take is a weekly podcast that explores how you go from making something with your friends to being the most senior person on a film set. Season 1 was 40 episodes and quickly become an influential and popular show with a loyal weekly audience. 

Available on all Podcast outlets - Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Google etc

Season 2 began in May 2024, with their first live launch event with Rose Glass.

The Directors Take


All areas of filmmaking, Directing, Creative life coaching.


Lewis Arnold - Director (ITV Long Shadow, BBC Time, BBC Sherwood)
Alice Seabright - Writer/Director/Showrunner (Sex Education, BBC Chloe)
Amy O'Hara - Film 4 Talent Exec
Jacqueline Abrahams 
- Production Designer (Wallander, The Lobster, Top Boy Summerhouse) 
Catherine Goldschmidt 
- Cinematographer (House of the Dragon, Discovery of Witches, Chloe) 
Joelle Mae David
 - Director (Dreaming Whilst Black, Queenie)

Twitter: @Directorstake
IG: @thedirectorstakepodcast